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Sep 12,  · In the first major study of child abuse and neglect in 20 years, researchers with the National Academy of Sciences reported Thursday that the damaging consequences of abuse can not only reshape a. Mar 06,  · Child Abuse videos and latest news articles. Menu; Centre for Child Protection said its Project Arachnid sends reports to online content providers when it finds images of child sexual abuse. Read the latest stories about Child abuse on Time. Read the latest stories about Child abuse on Time. Read the latest stories about Child abuse on Time. Child abuse. Subscribe.

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Child Abuse Affects Brain Wiring. For the first time, researchers have been able to see changes in the neural structures in specific areas of the brains of people who suffered severe abuse as children. For the optimal function and organization of the brain, electrical signals used by neurons may need to travel over long distances to communicate with cells in other regions.

The longer axons of this kind are generally covered by a fatty coating called myelin. Myelin sheaths protect the axons and help them to conduct electrical signals more efficiently. Myelin builds up progressively in a process known as myelination mainly during childhood, and then continue to mature until early adulthood.

Earlier studies had shown significant abnormalities in the white matter in the brains of people who had experienced child abuse. White matter is mostly made up of billions of myelinated nerve fibres stacked together. But, because these observations were made by looking at the brains of living people using MRI, it was impossible to gain a clear picture of the white matter cells and molecules that were affected. To gain a clearer picture of the microscopic changes which occur in the brains of adults newspaper articles on child abuse have experienced child abuse, and thanks to the availability of brain samples from the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank where, as well as the brain matter itself there is a lot of information about the lives of their donors the researchers were able to compare post-mortem brain samples from three different groups of adults: people who had committed suicide who suffered from depression and had a history of severe childhood abuse 27 individuals ; people with depression who had committed suicide but who had no history of being abused as children 25 individuals ; and brain tissue from a third group of people who had neither psychiatric illnesses nor a history of child abuse 26 people.

The researchers discovered that the thickness of the myelin coating of a significant proportion of the nerve fibres was reduced ONLY in the brains of those who had suffered from child abuse. They also found underlying molecular alterations that selectively affect the cells that are responsible for myelin generation and maintenance. Finally, they found increases in the diameters of some of the largest axons among only this group and they speculate that together, these changes may alter functional coupling between the cingulate cortex and subcortical structures such as the amygdala and nucleus accumbens areas of the brain linked respectively to emotional regulation and to reward and satisfaction and contribute to altered emotional processing in people who have been abused during childhood.

The researchers conclude that adversity in early life may lastingly disrupt a range of neural functions in the anterior cingulate cortex. Lukas M. The world acknowledges the vulnerability of children and the crucial necessity for their oversight, nurturing, and love, but how we form the hearts and minds of children remains a worldwide challenge, newspaper articles on child abuse.

Eventually, this mental evolution begins to shape who they are, newspaper articles on child abuse, how they view the world, how they interact with others, and their attitudes toward self. Therefore, developmental disruptions can cause significant consequences and the literature clearly shows that early neglect, nutrition, socialization, and stress define who we are as children and become as adults. In addition, newspaper articles on child abuse, their very active limbic systems teach them about what is or.

In addition, their very active limbic systems teach them about what is or is not safe, so with early threats and adversity, they begin to develop survival strategies that may newspaper articles on child abuse for a lifetime. Child abuse, newspaper articles on child abuse, whether physical, psychological, or sexual, presents a threat that is universally recognized as having a significant negative impact on the life of a child 3.

Nevertheless, overwhelming data exist suggesting that child abuse, particularly sexual abuse, currently occurs throughout the world.

The ramifications of this fact are enormous 4, newspaper articles on child abuse. Many neuroscientific studies of structural and functional brain networks that compare abused and non-abused children demonstrate the significant results of childhood sexual abuse.

These studies have uncovered electrophysiological brain changes such as abnormal neurophysiological interactions 56altered brain structure, and deregulated brain activation to stimuli 7. In addition to the anatomical and electrophysiological consequences, abused children show significant cognitive impairments that can impact their future life trajectories as they emerge into adulthood 8. Psychiatric disorders also are more common in abused children 9.

Often children who have been sexually abused develop behaviors that lead to disruptive relationships within their families. They may also engage in self-harm or other aberrant behaviors and sometimes become perpetrators of abuse as a result of their early experiences of helplessness and fear 10 When these adults gain power and authority, they can extend their aggression to unsuspecting innocent victims. Other data suggest that the individuals most vulnerable to abuse are those who are mentally or physically compromised Sexual abuse often occurs when the vulnerable have no resources, particularly when they are entrusted to unsuspected abusers.

Clergy naturally command authority and foster the trust that newspaper articles on child abuse a potential abuser free access to power over another. Stories of clerical abuse and its tremendously damaging impact are surfacing throughout the world.

For the abused, the abuse often lingers for many years, silently hijacking the choices and trajectories of their lives: in many cases, abuse dominates the lives of its victims because they feel helpless and shamed into silence Often, victims will deny their trauma until investigations expose the abuse which, unfortunately, forces the victim to relive their painful memories and trauma.

Therefore, to help victims heal, we must vigorously challenge the humiliation that still exists in the public narrative. They deserve the chance to strive for independence and a trauma-free future by regaining their integrity through familial and societal reconciliation.

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Difficulties associated with severe childhood abuse include increased risks of psychiatric disorders such as depression, as well as high levels of impulsivity, newspaper articles on child abuse, aggressivity, anxiety, more frequent substance abuse, and suicide. This is a part of the brain which plays an important role in the regulation of emotions and mood. The researchers believe that these changes may contribute to the emergence of depressive disorders and suicidal behaviour.

In addition, their very active limbic systems teach them about what is or In addition, their very active limbic systems teach them about what is or is not safe, newspaper articles on child abuse, so with early threats and adversity, they begin to develop survival strategies that may endure for a lifetime. Microstructural maturation of the human brain from childhood to adulthood. Brain development during childhood and adolescence: a longitudinal MRI study.

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Newspaper articles on child abuse J Psychiatry. Social and emotional outcomes of childhood sexual abuse: A review of recent research. Aggress Violent Behav. Development of sexually abusive behaviour in sexually victimised males: a longitudinal study. Abused to abuser: antecedents of socially deviant behaviors. Sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adults with mental retardation and other handicaps. Child Abuse Negl. Silenced by God—an examination of unique characteristics within sexual abuse by clergy.

Couns Psychol Rev. Problem and solution: the spiritual dimension of clergy sexual abuse and its impact on survivors.

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Child Sex Abuse News Articles Media Articles Reveal Major Child Sex Abuse. Dear friends, Sexual abuse, including child sex abuse, has sadly been around for ages. For the vast majority of this time, it has been swept under the rug. Only in the last half century or . Child Abuse & Neglect is an international and interdisciplinary journal publishing articles on child welfare, health, humanitarian aid, justice, mental health, public health and social service systems. The journal recognizes that child protection is a global concern that continues to evolve. Recent Child Abuse & Neglect Articles Recently published articles from Child Abuse & Neglect. Association between child sexual abuse and infectious disease diagnoses.